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Whether you’re a medical professional, a researcher, or a commercial lead, our Patient Finder Tool is here to guide you through the intricate maze of healthcare data.

The core of the Patient Finder tool is to correct the patterns leading to misdiagnoses and to ensure that patients are quickly and accurately identified, even when their conditions are obscure or not explicitly defined by standard coding systems like the ICD-10.

Our Offerings

Correcting Misdiagnoses

By highlighting patterns in commonly misdiagnosed conditions, the tool empowers healthcare providers to reassess their diagnostic approaches.

No ICD-10? No Problem

Many conditions may not have an assigned ICD-10 code or might be masked under generalized codes. Our sophisticated algorithm looks beyond these limitations, diving deep into multiple patient data assets to identify these often-overlooked conditions. 

Specialties & Physician Insights

We not only identify patients, but also the healthcare professionals attending to them. This allows for an understanding of the breadth and diversity of specialties involved in treating specific conditions. 

Journey-Driven Speciality Differentiation

The tool also charts the progression of a patient’s journey, providing insights into how treatment specialists might change as a patient’s condition evolves or becomes clearer. 

Mapping Treatment Patterns

Patient Finder elucidates common treatment pathways. This is invaluable for healthcare providers to compare and evaluate treatment methodologies. 

Targeted Outreach

For those in the pharmaceutical and life sciences, our tool can generate a targeted list of physicians, ensuring that innovations reach the professionals who need them the most. 


By leveraging multiple data sets, the ‘Patient Finder’ tool enhances feature engineering and elevates the accuracy of patient identification throughout the patient journey.

This tool doesn’t just find patients; it bridges the gap between misdiagnosis and treatment plan, leading the path to a healthier future.

Our Patient Finder tool is not just another analytics tool. It’s a step towards a world where every diagnosis is accurate, where every treatment pathway is evidence-based, and where every patient finds the care, they rightfully deserve.


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