How We Started

Founded with a shared vision to empower organizations across the pharmaceutical industry, Chryselys is an analytics and data-led institution, that delivers high-value business consulting. Our journey began with a team of industry veterans determined to provide high-impact transformations by delivering actionable insights. With every partnership, we build connections and blend our deep domain expertise with data-driven insights to furnish or present or procure results.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to rewrite the growth story of our clients. Since 2019, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner, providing strategic guidance to our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

At Chryselys, we aren’t just about transactions; we’re about transformations. Our commitment to being the preferred partner for healthcare and life sciences clients is unwavering. As we navigate the complexities of pharma landscape, we do so with integrity, excellence, and an unwavering dedication to your success.

Discover the difference that Chryselys brings – where experience meets innovation, and partnerships pave the way for extraordinary achievements.

Our Engagement Model

Consulting Services

Collaborate with industry experts to devise scalable, agile strategies that drive commercial success, reduce costs, and accelerate turnaround times.

Managed Services

Elevate business performance across people, platforms, and processes through industry best practices and holistic management solutions.

Software as a Service

Leverage cutting-edge platform-based solutions for technical support, self-service capabilities, and streamlined business processes.

Meet Our Visionary Leaders

Ashish Choudhary

“Our passion for data has found expression in the work we do at Chryselys. We believe that the growing pace of technological development will further help us innovate to craft customized solutions for our clients.”

“The end goal for us is to deliver value through our consulting and become a building block in improving the quality of patient care across the globe.”

“Numbers excite me towards creating the extraordinary. As we move towards a tech revolution, data will be the champion in driving quality of businesses, society and life.”

“Strategy to me is the art of envisioning possibilities and charting new paths. Here at Chryselys, our strategic vision fuels us to flip challenges into opportunities and evolve them into a business that stands out.”


“Navigating the complexities of global markets with strategic vision and financial acumen, I am dedicated to preparing Chryselys to scale for transformative growth.”  

“Delivering business value is not just a destination; it’s the extraordinary journey we take together, fueled by our passion and a shared vision of excellence.”

“I believe that Artificial Intelligence can truly revolutionize the way we optimize processes and elevate the client/human experience. By promoting a collaborative and inclusive approach, we can ignite curiosity and promote continuous learning within our organization.”
“Innovating at the intersection of analytics and patient care, we at Chryselys craft business solutions that are as dynamic and precise as the clients’ needs they serve.”

“I aspire to orchestrate seamless efficiency, harmonize teams, and drive excellence in every process, knowing that success lies in the meticulous execution of our collective efforts.”

At Chryselys

We help businesses redefine possibilities. With high impact at the core of all our partnerships, we aspire to be catalysts of data-driven innovation in the pharmaceutical realm.

Become a Chryselite

Diverse team of passionate individuals. Culture of innovation and integrity. Entrepreneurial spirit and a thirst to grow.

Our Secret

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Deep Domain Expertise

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Razor-Sharp Strategies

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Unwavering Dedication

Join Us

Innovation is at our core, and our tribe is what powers our passion. A group of trailblazers with deeply entrepreneurial spirits, we believe that diverse perspectives fuel creativity and innovation. Join our team to collaborate with brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and cultures, creating an environment where fresh ideas thrive and team spirit flourishes.

If you are hardwired in problem-solving and on a quest to learn, then hop on board to drive global impact, together!