Accelerate Clinical Trial Enrollment and Ensure Health Equity

Diversify Your Clinical Trials
and Stay FDA Compliant with

REDPlanUP is a unique state-of-the-art solution that provides insights into the race and ethnicity diversity of patients treated by investigators.

It helps pharmaceutical companies identify investigators treating diverse patient populations as directed by FDA for clinical trials.

Our product ensures quicker enrollment of patients in clinical trials for pharma and life sciences organizations through appropriate representation of all races and ethnicities in the trials.

Our Value-Driven Approach

Inclusion of Un- and Under-Represented Participants

Ensures clinical trials represent the full diversity of the US population, allowing for safer and more effective medications for everyone.

Savings for Pharma Sponsors

Partner with investigators best suited for their specific trials, to help pharmaceutical sponsors optimize costs and resources.

Faster Medications to Market

Fast tracks drug development and market launch with quicker enrollment of patients with diverse racial backgrounds.

How Does it Work

FDA new regulations require patient recruitment in clinical trials to reflect the diversity of the affected population in the US.

REDPlanUP meets this criteria by offering a robust race diversity index and comprehensive demographic and investigator information on previous and ongoing trials. Our product utilizes patient-level medical and pharmacy claims data along with open-source data assets to glean insights into the diversity mix of patients treated by specific physicians.

All data is handled in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Robust Race Diversity Index

Get an in-depth analysis of payer behaviors and reimbursement policies to understand the potential market access and pricing challenges for your products.

Demographic and Investigator Information

Develop effective market access strategies driven by payer preferences, formulary decisions, and coverage requirements to tailor your value proposition and navigate reimbursement hurdles.

Historical and Current Trial Involvement

Optimize pricing and reimbursement strategies based on payer priorities and trends. Set competitive prices, negotiate favorable reimbursement terms, and maximize market penetration while maintaining profitability.

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At Chryselys, we are committed to partnering with you on this essential health equity initiative. To learn more about REDPlanUP and the new FDA regulations.