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In today’s fast-paced and data-driven world, harnessing the true potential of your organization’s data is paramount. As a cutting-edge centralized Data Management platform, DataFusionIQ seamlessly integrates master’s commercial and open data assets to deliver a single source of truth for various commercial functions. DataFusionIQ is built for various personas including Executives, Data Scientists, and Business users.


Unifying Insights, Transforming Businesses 

At the heart of DataFusionIQ lies an unparalleled capability to bring together data from every corner of your organization. From internal systems to external data feeds, from structured databases to real-time streaming sources – DataFusionIQ effortlessly converges them all into a cohesive, 360-degree view. Imagine the possibilities when yourSales Ops, Field, Commercial and Market Access teams can access a comprehensive and up-to-date snapshot of your Business information from organization’s data assets at any given moment. 

The Data Advantage You've Been Waiting For 

DataFusionIQ is not just a repository; it’s your strategic advantage. By providing an agile platform for data exploration and discovery, it empowers your commercial organizationsteams to access and analyze data in a way that suits their unique needs. Be it batch processing or real-time insights, DataFusionIQ delivers the tools to uncover patterns, predict trends, and make informed decisions faster than ever. 

Revolutionizing Analytics, Elevating Intelligence 

With DataFusionIQ, your analytics capabilities go beyond “what” to “Why” through predictive analytics. Data scientists and analysts gain access to a rich and diverse dataset, enabling them to apply advanced techniques like machine learning and predictive modelling. Extract deep insights, refine your strategies, and transform your business through data-driven decision-making. 

Customizable Excellence, Unmatched Performance 

What sets DataFusionIQ apart is its flexibility to adapt precisely to your organization’s requirements. The customizable Data Quality Management (DQM) engine lies at its core, enhancing data accuracy, completeness, and consistency. Configure data checks, activate or deactivate them at runtime, and receive detailed reports on data quality KPIs. And with data-ready connectors and end-to-end pipelines tailored for the pharmaceutical industry, DataFusionIQ sets the gold standard for excellence.  

Create a Single Source of Truth 

Our Master Data Management (MDM) capability unifies, cleanses, and manages your critical master data with precision. Eliminate data duplication, ensure consistency, and enhance data governance with our MDM capabilities. Establish a “Golden Record” to enhance decision-making across your organization 

360-Degree Customer View

Create a holistic customer profile by merging data from multiple touchpoints. Deliver personalized experiences, refine marketing strategies, and gain invaluable customer insights. 

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Commercial Strategy and Launch Planning

  • Commercial Planning
  • Commercial Data Road Mapping
  • Real-World Data

Data Management and Brand Excellence

  • Data Integration
  • Master Data Management: Create a “Golden Record”
  • Systems Integration:
    Travel & expense, CRM, & BI tools


  • Incoming Data Management
  • Insights for Field Reps and Executive

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