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Patient Switching

Patient switching utilizes claims data, predictive analytics and machine learning to accurately identify and score the pool of potential patients likely to undergo a therapeutic switch.

It provides a significant competitive advantage through early identification of potential switch patients and their respective healthcare providers. 

Our Offerings


Identifies patients and associated HCPs who are likely to switch if promoted to accordingly, helping to reach & serve the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

Automatic Alerts

Patient Switcher can automatically alert field reps & marketing when a patient is likely to switch, triggering action such as a rep visit, rep email or digital HCP marketing efforts. 

Brand Growth Potential Assessment

Provides in-line brands with potential growth revenue from a switch strategy.  

The Benefits

Patient Retention

For in-line treatments, predicting patients likely to switch is the cornerstone of a comprehensive mitigation plan, which includes targeting, promotional asset development and pull through. 

Brand Expansion

Patients on competitive therapies provide potential for your brand to increase market share, especially when competitive advantage exists. 

Higher ROI & Better Asset Allocation

Focused promotional efforts to mitigate patient switches increases ROI through improved persistency and facilitates asset optimization to the right HCPs, with the right patients at the right time. 

Launch Readiness

Identification of potential switch patients facilitates launch into a crowded marketplace, reducing cost and improving the uptake trajectory.

Competitive Advantage

Switches prevention is a significant competitive advantage, while encouraging switches to your product offers a road to increased market share, revenue growth and brand eminence. 

Actionable Insights

Used in risk mitigation, targeting, brand expansion strategies and as a foundational step in understanding the patient journey, Patient Switcher is a potent tool to unlock actionable insights that will grow your brand and improve patient care.

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