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 BI Visualization

In the dynamic world of business, understanding data is no longer just a necessity—it’s a pivotal driver of decisions, strategies, and outcomes. At Chryselys, we recognize the profound impact of visual storytelling and have crafted our BI Visualization solution with that in mind. Blending cutting-edge technology, design expertise, and domain knowledge, we offer a comprehensive suite that not only presents data but tells a compelling story behind it.

Our objective is clear – to provide you with solutions that are not just powerful but also easily understandable. We ensure that our dashboards deliver the right charts for your analysis and present optimal information for user consumption.

Our Offerings

Enhanced User Engagement

Engaging clients throughout the build process, we guarantee dashboards that cater to all user needs, complemented by onboarding resources. 

Automated Insights

Delve into automated, sometimes predictive, insights based on your data and KPIs. 

Self-Service Views

Real-time customization to get the view you need, when you need it. 

Future-Forward Design Techniques

Elevate your user experience with designs from external tools like Figma, harnessing the latest features to optimize report insights. 


Our dashboards don’t just present data, they narrate a compelling story, facilitating understanding and decision-making. 

Real-Time AI/ML Solutions

Our dashboards transcend basic BI reporting tool capabilities, integrating with 3rd party AI/ML tools such as R and Python to furnish real-time, AI-generated insights and machine learning functionality. 

The Benefits

Bespoke Designs & Solutions

Our visualizations, crafted uniquely for each problem statement, seamlessly blend basic to advanced chart designs, ensuring even intricate metrics are effortlessly comprehensible. 

Automated Insights

Delve into automated insights, both descriptive and predictive (leveraging AI/ML capabilities), based on your data and KPIs. 

Expertise That Counts

Our BI team, laden with SMEs in the Pharma sector, dons dual hats – those of developers and consultants. With proficiency in BI tools, we’re not just building dashboards but architecting solutions. 

Performance at Core

Slow and unresponsive dashboards can be a bane. We ensure optimal performance by embedding best practices not only during the design phase but also during data modelling. 

Innovation Meets Training

Our team stays abreast of the latest features, continuously innovating while ensuring standardized excellence through regular trainings. 

Security & Accessibility

Your data’s security is our priority. Our solutions ensure restricted access, making data available only to the designated users. 

End-to-End Solutions

From data prep, dashboard creation, crafting marketing materials, to post-launch maintenance and support, we encapsulate the full spectrum of BI visualization services. 

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