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Jason Carlin 

Chief Analytics Officer 

Jason is the Chief Analytics Officer at Chryselys, leading our analytics platform and consulting capabilities. He brings in strategic client partnerships that help us secure outstanding results. His role however, spans beyond analytics as he also leads our sales unit.

He is a former PMSA president, serving on their board for ten years in various roles. Prior to joining Chryselys, Jason led the product analytics team at Novartis and supported the Sandoz divisions, as well as led Business Insights for Novartis Haematology Oncology.

At Bayer Pharmaceuticals, he held various roles leading Sales Analytics, Reporting Powerhouse, and Oncology Management Science. Hisexperience also extends to Eisai Pharmaceuticals.

Jason holds a Masters of Engineering in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Sales Engineering from the University of Florida.