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Prakash Karaka

Chief AI Officer

As Chief AI Officer, Prakash is a guide and a collaborator with ethics and governance in mind. His focus is on integrating AI and Generative AI technologies, steering Chryselys’ vision towards harnessing vast datasets and yielding novel insights & solutions. This involves leveraging AI’s predictive capabilities and GenAI’s creative potential to revolutionize solutions to address client needs.

With a deep commitment to leveraging technology for healthcare advancement, Prakash brings over 17 years of experience in engineering, AI, data analytics, and machine learning to the pharmaceutical management science field. 

Prakash is at the forefront of developing AI solutions that are secure, personalized, and transformative for the Pharma industry. His roles at Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel have been marked by significant contributions in areas ranging from cloud-based big data analytics to AI-driven retail and developer services. 

Prakash earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications from Andhra University, India.