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Suzanne Marzziotti

Head of Business Solutions

With over 30 years of enriching the pharmaceutical and CPG industries with actionable insights, Suzanne Marziotti spearheads the business solutions vertical at Chryselys. In her role as Head of Business Solutions, she strategically applies data to catalyze growth and customize solutions that align with the complex needs of the pharma industry.
Suzanne’s professional journey is marked by a strong emphasis on precision medicine reporting and commercial analytics, fostering the use of generative AI to enhance predictive modelling across therapeutic domains.
Her approach weaves together cutting-edge technology and in-depth industry knowledge, resulting in robust strategies that elevate both client experience and patient care.
Suzanne holds a BS in Microbial Genetics from Cornell University, complemented by an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business, which has empowered her to merge scientific inquiry with strategic implementation.