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The Big Picture

HealthLink Dimensions has been in operation for over 20 years. The company was formed to provide healthcare business intelligence to companies in the healthcare vertical by bringing together multiple source database management and data integrity services. Our data and marketing efforts have fueled initiatives in the Life Sciences industry for many years delivering critical information and advancing healthcare knowledge.

Our expertise in master data management ensures clean, reliable, and up-to-date data that is continuously verified, validated, and cross-referenced against multiple reliable sources to ensure accuracy. The accuracy of our data is relied upon by our clients to shape and support key marketing initiatives as well as complex federal reporting requirements where accuracy is paramount. Our industry-leading managed data services and enterprise engagement solutions are built on the largest multi-sourced, audited provider Email, Demographic, and Facility databases available. For more information, visit

Data Capture 

What kind of data do you have?

Detailed demographic and firmographic data for all US healthcare providers and most US healthcare facilities. Including but not limited to, State Licensure, Email Addresses, and Affiliations. Details can be found here: 

What are your sources?  

Over 500 sources of data including Proprietary Data (Clinical and Recruiting), Government and Traditional Healthcare (CMS, DEA, ABMA, State License), and Strategic Partnerships (PPOs, AHD, AHA, Professional Organizations)

What is the granularity of the data? 

At the HCP level, we specialize in detailed data attributes including, but not limited to, Commercial and Residential Email Addresses, Best Address, Specialty, Group Practice and Hospital affiliations, State Licensure data (including sanctions, OIG) DEA numbers.

What is the frequency of data refreshes?

Continuously: ranging from daily to monthly depending on the availability of the source. We combine live data validation by our Provider Research Center, input from our Clinical Feedback Loop, and proprietary, state-of-the-art data  governance practices, and stringent hygiene logic to ensure the integrity and accuracy of our master database. 

How much is the Data lag?

It depends on the data field in question. Details are available at the time of data licensing to ensure timeliness is not an issue.

What is the overall capture rate? 

We capture HCP data nationally. HealthLink procures data on over 1.1M physicians, 4.1M Allied Professionals, 6.9K Hospitals, and over 370K Post-acute care facilities throughout the US.


HealthLink Connect offers an easy-to-segment omnichannel solution to reach more than 5.2M providers and drive campaign success. Proven programmatic, email, and mobile outreach media help pharma clients create meaningful engagement, generate script lift, and build brand equity. We have:

  • The largest demographic and email database independently audited by BPA Worldwide
  • Highly accurate, quality data ensures better reach and engagement
  • Responsive people with an unwavering passion to serve
  • Measurable value delivered across the spectrum of solutions and services
  • Rigorous, ongoing data refresh and correction through live validation and our Clinical Feedback Loop
  • Intuitive dashboards track and analyze campaign performance, as well as deliver insights for improvement
  • Flexible data management services improve outcomes and boost profitability
  • Comprehensive omnichannel delivery services reach 95% of US providers
  • Seamlessly supports the achievement of marketing goals and external agency capabilities

(Link to a case study


Agencies and pharmaceutical brands depend on accurate data and spot-on deployment to drive HCP campaign success. Managing an in-house provider database, however, is labor-intensive and error prone. And precise targeting becomes difficult without the most accurate, current data available. The last thing you want is information that’s incomplete or outdated.

Instead, our clients unlock a higher level of precision by partnering with HealthLink Dimensions. Clients are able to access an extensive portfolio of 1.7 million provider email addresses to reach physicians and other health professionals efficiently and affordably. Our unique clinical feedback loop quality assurance processes offer the most timely and accurate data possible. It’s why 11 of the largest 15 pharmaceutical companies rely on us to deliver the highest quality data available. From programmatic to mobile outreach, expect more. Reach more. Precisely

How to Start Exploring 

Our first interaction with a new client is usually for a small pilot project or a bid to replace a legacy vendor. Ultimately, most clients choose us for our service, accuracy, and the value we deliver.

Our pricing process is tailored to our clients and their needs. We offer Enterprise Agreements for several of our products and services including, unlimited-use ‘HCP Demographic and Email Licenses’, these offer the most comprehensive and flexible solutions. We can also provide pricing for targeted lists with desired data attributes as well as professional services including master data management, Email deployments, real-time API offerings, etc. Counts and samples can be requested here:

Where do you see healthcare data used by pharmaceutical manufacturers
evolving in the next 2 - 3 years? 

There’s been much digital ink spent lately discussing Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), the deprecation of third-party cookies, and other immediate adjustments to healthcare marketing’s toolbox, but we anticipate that virtual reality, augmented reality, and Web 3.0 all stand to change the way pharma manufacturers interact with prescribing physicians and patients. Some questions we are pondering: 

  • Will continuing education programs go completely virtual?
  • Will we see remotely operated demonstrations and meetings?
  • Will all of this lead to fewer actual one-to-one relationships with providers?
  • Or will technology allow for a more immersive and deeper partnership between providers, patients, and pharma manufacturers.

In truth, only time will tell, but we do know that none of these emergent technologies will be successful without accurate, in-depth data and data management, in line with evolving government and industry regulations to support their successful adoption. And that is where HealthLink Dimensions plans to be! 

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