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The Big Picture

Serving customers across the payer, provider, pharmacy, life sciences, and health IT markets, the Health Care business of LexisNexis ® Risk Solutions uses big data technology, advanced linking capabilities, patented algorithms, and data modeling to deliver industry-specific expertise and customer-focused solutions that help organizations accomplish their goals.

With a focus on unlocking key insights that help solve some of the industry’s toughest challenges, we leverage industry-leading consumer, medical claims, provider, and social determinants of health (SDoH) data to improve patient outcomes and create healthier communities.

Socioeconomic attributes or scores can be used for a variety of health equity initiatives, from direct case management purposes to member risk stratification, to targeting populations that may need earlier intervention or action in terms of participating in their health or adhering to their medication regimen. Our data can also be used for population stratification or segmentation for research or strategic planning related to clinical trials or population health initiatives.

Data Capture

The specifics of our data assets vary from solution to solution. We obtain information from public record and publicly available data sources, and we also obtain non-public-information from third party data sources. All our data is provided to us lawfully and is governed according to the highest privacy and security standards. We provide insights that benefit people, businesses, and societies across the country, and we invite you to visit our website and connect with us directly to learn more. 


One of our key differentiators is our unique library of attributes that have been statistically validated by data science experts to have predictive power in improving accuracy of models that predict health risk.

We took our database of over 4,000 data elements and used clinical targets to select the most impactful data elements as it relates to clinical outcomes. These 448 attributes can be combined with your own data elements to create your own predictive models, or we have four pre-built scores that address certain socioeconomic categories.

We also offer advisory services, which makes us unique because not only do we have the data, but we also have the expertise to assist organizations convert the data into actionable next steps. Our advisory services help organizations form a comprehensive approach to addressing SDoH barriers to meet the need for social services, impact health behavior, and ultimately improve health outcomes.

One example is using SDoH insights to help manage your clinical trial patient population to reduce attrition rates. Early identification of SDoH barriers, such as medication adherence and health engagement, can help organizations identify what care management assistance their trial participants may need to complete the trial.


The healthcare data and analytics solutions we offer are specific to adults living in the United States. Our SDoH data is GLBA regulated so it cannot be used for marketing purposes, and it also cannot be used to deny/restrict/refuse care. The data is primarily used for care management and predictive modeling.

It is critically important for our customers to spend some time defining the problem they’re trying to solve and identifying what data they need to solve that problem. Healthcare data is growing exponentially, and it is easy to get lost in the noise. Being diligent about pinpointing the exact data you need will save time and deliver better results. You do not want everything. You want what matters the most to the problem you are intending to solve.

How to Start Exploring 

Prior to every data purchase, our specialized teams will work with our customers to better understand their SDoH initiatives, so we can correctly scope a dataset that will answer our customers’ needs.  We start by understanding the customer’s use case related to our product offerings and we refine the scope as needed.  We have several different SDoH product offerings, so detailed exploration is routinely done to find the perfect fit. Our solutions are priced based on the number of records and frequency of delivery.   

Where do you see healthcare data used by pharmaceutical manufacturers evolving in the next 2 – 3 years? 

As pharmaceutical manufacturers look to improve their clinical trials to better represent their sample populations, SDoH data will be necessary for proper scoping, planning, and recruiting for trials.  Additionally, social determinants of health data can turn any study into a health equity study, bringing better insight into external factors affecting the health of patient populations.  Entire patient populations can be assessed using aggregated SDoH data combined with clinical data to not only identify causes and influence factors to disease states but also to better understand how to assist patients in improving their overall health. Pharma companies will start using SDoH data for strategic planning and decisions on where and what kind of programs should be implemented or who to partner with to reach and impact communities in need. 

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